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Steinbock Sleepmattress Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1933 originally as Steinbock-Braff. Over the years we gained a solid reputation as top quality mattress producers and we became a landmark name in the mattress industy. All of our products are made in our own manufacturing facility which is housed in the new plant built in year 2000 with all state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Most of our employees have been in our employ for more than twenty years and are expert mattress assamblers.

We use the best quality materials to produce our mattresses thus offering a full array of better products: twin, full, queen and king size sets as well as crib mattresses. We also take special orders for custom designers and cut and shape to specific size, for example outfitting mega-yachts. The following is a partial list of custom mattresses we produce:

  • Custom Size Mattress
  • High-Riser Mattress
  • Sofa Bed Mattress
  • Rollaway Bed Mattress
  • Youthbed Mattress
  • Replacement Mattress
  • Crib Mattress
  • Cot Mattress
  • Dorm Mattress
  • Bunk Bed Mattress
  • Boat Mattress
  • Camper Mattress
  • Custom Electric-Bed Mattress
  • Nursing Home Mattress
  • Hospital Mattress
  • Staff Check Mattress
  • Daybed Mattress
  • Gurney Bed Mattress

Visit our web pages to view and examine the nine different mattress models we are currently offering and then contact us for the nearest Authorized Dealer in your area where youl'be able to purchase our products.

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